Tuesday, June 15, 2010


sabaw- when the brain is not working

2:40-4:10 the hours of TRIGMAT class(oh boy... here we go again...) This is the most sabaw class that i have this term( I want to be clear that its not because of the professor)

The Battle, i have prepared everything that i needed, pen,notebook and calculator. The professor started the lecture. "FOCUS!" i tell myself, no cellphone, chitchat, or even a glance to my crush(this would be so hard especially if he looks so yummy, ahem.. i mean so clean and mabango)The class begins with the basic of each topic, example "what is a circle?"(my reaction was "piece of cake!") so on and on..i was able to manage the first 30 t 40 mins. of the class then for the remaining hour bit by bit everything doesn't make sense anymore,then my raction became : "WHATTTT?!!!" , "HOW DID THAT HAPPENED?!?!" , "WHY THIS BECAME THAT AND THAT BECAME THIS??!!!" and lastly my mind exploded "WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" . It was to much information to fit on my tiny brain(which complements my tiny body.. poor me..)My mind just stopped, it was not processing anything basically its blank, floating somewhere. atlast the class ended wihtout me noticing it :)

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