Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to survive a BREAKUP...

Breaking up is never easy, But guess what? Living after the breakup is even more difficult.

This is how to turn that breakup into something positive and worth your time. First try out something new. Since you've gotten used to a routine. however, this is good time for change ,be it big or small. Sign up to learn a foreign language, pick up a sport, or treat yourself to a spankin 'new' do (like new haircut or new wardrobe) .Celebrate your freedom! Then channel your feelings into your journal and blog, or work off the rage in the gym. Since moving on can take a while ,you need an outlet for all of your emotions. Start a new journal or a blog with the sole purpose of relating your life after the big breakup.(which is what im doing right now thanks to my ENGLONE CLASS) Experts often suggest this because it’s a good way of releasing your emotions and helping you inch closer to closure. Don’t forget to have a some of close friends as your support system. Allow your friends to rally around you and pamper you… you certainly deserve that attention. But don't abuse that privilege, because no one is saintly enough to tolerate long complains. Lastly, enjoy your new single status. You might be tempted to give in to unhappiness or misery, but if you keep on being depressed, you'll never get out of groove . Instead, look in the mirror and smile: you're single again, and that means you can now indulge your crazes without having to worry about what he says. After all ,he lost just something precious: YOU :)

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  1. Naks! I'm glad English One is helping you get through this..uh, heartbreak. haha. you are young, your heart is strong, you'll survive (at least 10 more, in fact) :P