Thursday, June 3, 2010


These blog is about me, what can i say about myself, as i always say in my english class this is the kind of topic that drove me makes me wanna question who am i or what i have became since i was born, a lot things had happened that mold mo or even broke me... i dont really know how to decribe how i beacame "me"... who am i... lets start with the basic my name is makota aguilar currently studying at de lasalle canlubang taking up AB comarts (theatre was my inspiration when i picked my course), my fatheris a japanese named makoto which obviously where my name came from, im the female version.. my life has been filled with adventures i never expected. I have experienced good and bad things(ups and downs) which made one hell of a strong person ( i think) im the type person which you can count on as a friend as they say, THE END.BOW :)

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  1. Well, that's a good start :) Like we discussed in class, talking about the self is a good starting point for writing. You'll get the hang of it soon, then you'll start talking about the things around you in relation to yourself.