Saturday, July 3, 2010

the village where i grew up!

The place where I grew up was Laguna belair, this is where the houses look a like, there were a lot of trees, and great facilities for the whole community. The school that I attended was Laguna belair school,just a few minutes of walk from home. studied there from grade 1 to 2nd year highschool. This is the place where i practically learned everything and which i had most of my "first" moments.

One of the great things i would like to preserve here was the playground, pataasan ng swing, patagalan mahilo sa merry go around, pabilisan umakyat sa monkey ba.I had made friends here, this is where we fitght, we compete! Haha.. .I think every kid deserve to have that kind of experience.

A lot more Memories flows to my mind a lot of good one, few where bad. Nonetheless I would to say that I had a really good childhood in this village it made half of what I am right now.

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