Sunday, May 30, 2010

blah..blah.. for freewriting..

i never though it would be this hard to think of something to write with. i tried to record anything that crosses my mind, i keep jumping from one idea to another, let me just focus for a second here.

aha!My team captain(supervisor) just texted me "hoy bata u havent file your fomal resignation yet along with the requirements like ID and ATM anyway the team says hi and we miss you wala ng makulit" not many of you know that i stopped from school for one year and two months. during those times i work in TELUS as a customer service representative. some might already say hai callcenter na naman. but let me tell you in this industry its easy money, easy to get IN, all you have to be is highschool graduate and to be fluent in english.But behind that there is loads of stress and health problems that you could encounter. im just glad that im back here in dlsu although i miss them its nothing compare to the education or happiness that i have here.kaya sa mga taong nagmamdali to be out the real world. all i can say is take it slow.

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  1. Sounds like how I felt at my first (or first two) jobs; I kept missing college life for some time; even those scary professors. Life is like that, in that it's easy to take things for granted. Tapusin mo na studies mo ;)